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Customer service and helpdesk automation

Reduce your operational costs by automating your helpdesk on multiple channels – live-chat, email and self-service.

We provide solutions such as autonomous ticket registration by analyzing email and live-chat content. Data analysis services include analyzing your company’s knowledge base and historical ticket records to provide more accurate search results or search suggestions while you’re typing.

Text analysis and analytics

Text analysis with a completely free analytics tools package for inspecting text analysis accuracy, performance, pain-points etc.

Perfect for company knowledge-base and technical documentation analysis to improve search results on your internal and external tools, detect errors, identify keywords and so on.

Bots or chatbots of various purposes

Internal or external bots for optimizing company processes (employee on-boarding and such), automatic reports of various metrics delivered to email, Slack or any other communication tool.

Chatbots for e-commerce and marketing to improve user retention, customer service experience, and other critical metrics.

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